Lumo Body Tech

Lumo Bodytech has developed a technology platform that leverages smart sensors and software to optimize performance and address human biomechanics through the real-time tracking of body movement. Lumo Bodytech's products empower people to be the best version of themselves. Current Lumo Bodytech products include the renowned Lumo Lift, an easy to use wearable posture coach and activity tracker, as well as the Lumo Run, a lab-grade 9-axis sensor that captures accurate running biomechanics through core body movements — all in one small and sleek device.


5 Pointz first started on Old Market Street, Bristol, back in 2004. From the outset our main aim was to open a store with a welcoming feel that was open to anyone who shared our love of the clothes and the culture. We have always wanted to provide clothing from the best independent street wear labels mixed with heritage brands like Nike and Adidas Originals that have been the backbone of the scene from the beginning. In early 2007 we decided to move into a new store double the size of the old one and launch this website. We then increased our brand range and the depth of styles that we offered, to become one of the biggest street wear stores in the UK.

Best Gym Equipment

Best Gym Equipment is one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist gym equipment for home gym or commercial gym use. They offer only the best in quality products at excellent value for money, their range of products consists of: Cross trainers, treadmills, vibration plates, exercise bikes, rowing machines, free weights, racks and platforms, multi gyms, strength machines and lots  ..

Fitness Superstore

Founded in 1994, Fitness Superstore is the largest supplier of specialist Fitness Equipment in the UK. Our gross turnover for 2013 was in excess of £25 million and continues to grow because we offer the best branded products at the most competitive prices, with a resolute customer-first approach. We can also offer exclusive access to popular US fitness brands like Body-Solid, Vectra, Powertec, Stairmaster, NordicTrack and Octane Fitness, which have won numerous “best buy” awards for their quality and performance.